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Abdominoplasty is designed to remove the excess sagging skin of the abdomen and at the same time, tightening the abdominal wall muscles to restore the tone lost during pregnancy. This operation is helpful in women who have relaxed loose abdominal skin following pregnancies or after losing excessive amount of weight by dieting. The abdominal skin from the muscles, the Umbilicus is separated from the surrounding skin and is left in its original place. The loose abdominal muscle are sutured tightly in the midline.

If a patient has excessive fat deposits in the abdomen, then it can be suctioned out by lipolysis. If some one has a combination of excessive fat and loose skin, lipolysis and skin resection can be done at the same time. But, Cosmetic surgery cannot help everyone with bulging abdomen-especially those with relatively thin, snug skin but large abdominal contents.

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